Config Store doesn't work

Nov 4, 2009 at 5:13 PM

First I tried to create a new project, using the config store classes and altering namespaces and so on. Simply it won't work at all because this will not activate the feature if I do these changes.

Then, using the default project, I've tried to add a few values to the config store. I manage to add the values I needed, but then, from my application, I tryed to use the ConfigStore.GetValue() function and I found myself in a dead end.

At the beggining he was unable to read the web.config values so I got a lot of exception errors because of that.

Then I tried to modify where he tries to get those values from the web config, to hardcoded values. Still when it tries to get the values from my list, it tries to get the values out of the configuration list

SPListItemCollection items = configStoreList.GetItems(query);

and it returns 0 values allways.

So i'm pretty sure that if we don't modify this project, it simply won't work at all.